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Hi Ellen,
What I want in life... Well the list is long. What I hope for most...Is to be like you. I started watching your show just a little over two years ago while a relative was in the hospital after suffering from a couple of heart attacks and other complications. I happen to have your show on while I was cleaning the carpet and trying to do other things around his house etc and your show was on. The energy and positive feeling is such an inspiration to everyone. You have brought such a feeling of hope and happiness to me. I often wonder if you really have any idea of the number of lives you have improved by all the wonderful things you have accomplished. Just recently around the first of Nov when your show aired, it indicated that it was the 1 yr anniversary of Sophia Grace and Rosie's first visit to your show and I thought, that can't be correct. My daughter was in a near fatal car accident a little over a year ago and while I stayed at the hospital we looked forward to your show. That is when we first saw them in Oct of 2010. Whenever I think that things are a little hard for me, I remember things you have shared. I have been looking for employment for quite some time now and I keep remembering the story you told of how you had to re-invent yourself. I hope to reinvent myself to be as wonder as you or someone like the principal of the school in Las Vegas. I hope to be as wonderful and kind as you are and to be a inspiration for my kids.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you do!!!!!!!!!