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Mary M. LaCour
Name Mary M. LaCour
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Hobbies spending time with my animals and gardening
About Me I am a lesbian, my partner and I are getting married on April 13, 2014, finally legalized gay marriage in New Mexico. woohoo! I am a animal health tech for the city of albuquerque, Animal Shelter. Between my parter and myself we have 8 animals. I have three grown sons with 6 grandchildren. I would love to go to an Ellen show. She is such an inspiration to everyone
Mary M. LaCour
3rd Annual Cover from Another Mother
184 days ago

I love,love, love Ellen, I have watched her for years and each year her show gets better and better. She is a great inspiration, I was told from someone that they heard that Ellen does not like New Mexico. Say it isn't so! I would like to know why, if it is true and if she could give us another try. I have live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and am proud to be a native,I would like her to know that we are a great state and have very nice people with great talent and inspirations as well. We also have great healthy food. Thank you sincerely, Mary