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mary lucas
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mary lucas
Kitty Watches the Kitty Bowl
169 days ago

WOW! I loved your show today Ellen..What a wonderful thing that was done for that hero lady..I cried with joy myself for her.. :)

mary lucas
A Heartwarming Surprise Military Reunion
209 days ago

Ellen, I love this show..It was sooo heartwarming and It made me cry tears of joy along with that family..That was a wonderful thing you done for them..Wow! what a blessing you are.. :)

mary lucas
The Incomparable Eddie Murphy
214 days ago

Merry Christmas Ellen! I just started watching your show last week and have loved it..I been trying to win something every day, guess Im just not It's all good, I'm enjoying your shows and will continue watching them..God bless you for all you do..

mary lucas
Day 7 of 12 Days, Tyler Perry, Ken Jeong
224 days ago

This was the first time I watched your show..Enjoyed every minute of it..Enjoyed the story about Danny an Tommy..Its awesome to have someone to look out for our kids, when we not around, because people can be really cruel..I also, enjoyed Tyler Perry, loved those ear phones..