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Mary Lou Venvertloh
Name Mary Lou Venvertloh
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Hobbies playing with grandchildren and great grandchildren cooking and sewing
About Me no comment I'm just me
Mary Lou Venvertloh
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
229 days ago

It sure would be nice to win as I have 46 to buy for this year I usually give them money as it is easier for me and they can get what they want but if I could win I could give them all something else
Thank You

Mary Lou Venvertloh
Win Day 5 of 12 Days!
230 days ago

I sure would like to win something thanks

Mary Lou Venvertloh
Win Day 3 of 12 Days!
232 days ago

I love your show as we don't know what you will come up with next. Merry Christmas