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Mary Lou Grim
Name Mary Lou Grim
Location Winthrop, Maine
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Hobbies Loving my furry kids more than anyone could. Loving and caring for my Mom the absolute best I can in these difficult times and being the best person and fan (of Ellen, Twilight and my friends) that I know how to be.
About Me Although I am currently unemployed, I work 24/7 taking care of my Mom (she's 88 and a truely wonderful lady :) ). I love her even more than she realizes. I work hard to keep the promise that I made to her and my Father such a very long time ago now. I am the youngest of Nine and silently vowed that they would NEVER spend one minute of their lives in a nursing home. My volunteer work in one when I was in my early 20's made me swear to them in my heart, that would not be their fate. We currently have 2 dogs and 3 cats and along with the Ellen D Show, they are our constant form of entertainment. Mom and I have a great love of books and amzingly share a great love of the Twilight series (we reconnected over those books and 50 shades of Gray! LOL. Another story for another time). My family and friends are my absolute support system and no one could love them more than I do.
Mary Lou Grim
Betty Low
635 days ago

Hoping that in addition to interviewing Jackson Rathbone about Twilight next Thursday, that you might have him play some music from his new album. Love to hear that man sing and see him play! I really think it would be great for people to see that side of him. If not on Thursday's show than perhaps another time soon??