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Mary Kidd
Name Mary Kidd
Location Fort Mill, SC
Age 48
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Hobbies gardening, camping, cooking, eating and drinking
About Me I'm a photographer (NOT the kind that hides in bushes to catch celebrities in embarrassing situations). I grew up in Charlotte, NC, and now live in the lovely town of Fort Mill just inside the SC line. I have a dog, cat, 2 horses, a sweet boyfriend, and a group of lizards that live on my patio (not sure if they know they're mine, they sometimes act like I'm bothering them). That's enough about me, how are you guys doing? You're doing a great job with the show, that's for sure! Peace and Love to you all.
Mary Kidd
Memorable Moment: Portia's First Visit
504 days ago

It makes me SOOOOOOOO, SO, SO, SOOOOOOO, SO, SOOOOOOO VERY HAPPY that you can be open about your relationship with Portia on national television, that you can be the lovely person that you are without having to pretend that you aren't in love with and married to your beautiful wife!!!!!!! I'm not gay (and live in South Carolina to boot), but I strongly support the right of same-sex couples to marry. I hope Prop 8 will be repealed and DOMA overturned! Your show always inspires me and makes me laugh out loud. And I agree, you are taller than Portia. ;)