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594 days ago

Dear Ellen
After 55 years of life i have found my self on dissabilty and on ssi and ss. I dont get much money and i am very broke for the first time at christmas-- you asked who need help for christmas my children 2 daughters ages 14 yrs old Jackie, and 36 yrs old Teresa and (2) grand children Brittany (16) Charles (11). i have always provied christmas for them but sence dissabillty in (sept) i can't. toys for tot's has my 14 year old on there list here in okc for the 15 of dec. and i thank them so much for adding my daughter-- at least the 15 i can put something under the christmas tree for her-- food stamps don't go far and food pantrys have been a life saver. but i sure could use some help for christmas-- love u Ellen.. good to see you happy at christmas and belssing a lot of people.. have fun and you are great.

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596 days ago

Dear Ellen and Staff--
your great, so many people are very happy.. i know it is a gift if anyone is lucky to be picked for all your give aways thew Christmas and thew out the year. You make so many people laugh and have a good time everyday. your staff needs to be re-wared deeply.. I know it takes alot to keep the show going and it's great your staff stays on there toes so u can keep me laughing 1 hour a day. I look so farward to my hour a day of laughing -tears-and injoyment.. Thanks Ellen and keep keeping us happy-- I would love to be a winner-or- my daughter be a winner of a new car(she needs deeply) but if I am not --I guess God will take care of us, after all thats the "reason for the season" Hat's off to your staff, Merry Christmas Ellen" hope Santa is good to you as well.