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Mary janet MacDonald
Name Mary janet MacDonald
Location Port Hood, Nova Scotia
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Hobbies Baking, step dancing
About Me I am married to Cecil - this November marks 42 years. We have 7 children and 9 grandchildren. The children are all talented musically but four have recently formed a country band named Company Road. My mother died at 37 when I was 3 and I think of her always. Her picture is on a wall in a bedroom I've named 'the grandparents' room. A picture of my mother is on the wall and our daughter who sings in the band looks so much like her. They surprised me this past week at an international festival called Celtic Colours International Festival here on Cape Breton Island by singing a song they wrote in her memory called Carry On. Sorry - I tend to ramble - but in case anyone reads this - they are beautiful kids, they are amazing children and they could sure use a break in music - I think Ellen needs to discover them. Just a mother's wish.
Mary janet MacDonald
Web Exclusive: Emily and Charlie Perform 'Break Again'
277 days ago

Hi Ellen. Love love love your show. I wonder if anyone else has a rant like me. I DON'T wear my reading glasses in the shower. Why can't there be a company out there that simply puts the word shampoo in Big letters on the bottle. Sure would make it easy. I can just imagine if you read this and tell me to suck it up and make a big sign and put it on my shampoo bottle. Oh well - I vented. It felt good.