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Mary Jane Williams
Name Mary Jane Williams
Location Boalsburg, PA
Age 68
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Hobbies watching Ellen
About Me I am a retired grandmother of 7 who has been a fan of Ellen's from the first show. I have seen every show and most of them twice. Reruns are a wonderful reminder. Same with her sitcoms - seen 'em all. And her stage shows and movies - seen 'em.
Mary Jane Williams
Dinner Time at Wanda Sykes' House
61 days ago

I cannot believe the President interrupted Ellen's show today AGAIN! The LAST show of the season! I hope it's the first rerun of the summer.

Proud to say I've seen every show for 11 years.
Mary Jane Williams

Mary Jane Williams
Behind the Scenes of Ellen's Premiere Show
688 days ago

Pink's baby daughter, Willow, looks just like YOUR baby pictures, Ellen. I couldn't get over it. Congratulations on the start of your 10th season. I will be watching every show as I have for the last 9 years.