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Mary Jane Cleeland
Name Mary Jane Cleeland
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Hobbies Grandchildren, photography, my dogs!
About Me I LOVE my two dogs, my 4 children and my 4 grandchildren too!
Mary Jane Cleeland
Win a New Car from Hyundai Hope on Wheels
127 days ago

I've been hunting your website trying to find out where to try to help someone get a car! My daughter and I are both big ELLEN fans. I'm writing on behalf of my daughter. She is a single Mom who has had a couple of bad years of NO luck at all. She suddenly finds herself a single mom of 3, her youngest child is special needs. When Christmas rolled around, there was a knock on her door. Her car was repossessed. Somehow she has managed to hang in there and keep her chin up. She has borrowed a car on occasion, but the borrowed car is falling apart (literally, pieces are falling off) and she can only drive it for 15 minutes before it overheats. This has been difficult in the extra cold, extra snowy Chicago area winter. She could really use a break. I pray that this note finds its way to the right place and that she might be blessed by being the winner of a new car. It would be life changing. Bless you!