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About Me i'm a grandma to eight grandchildern, and a great grandma to 8 great- grandchildern. love them all to death. my one granddaughter lives with me , witth her two childern, my husband passed away 4-year;s ago with lung cancer, and now i have stomzch cancer, and doing chemo. hopefully everything will work out. i really love your show, and what you do for people. i don't know how to post a picture. and don't know how to use twitter. all's i know are the basic's on this computer.
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576 days ago

ellen, missed thursday and friday's show mdue to chemo, which is 5 hrs. and next day blood work and nulesta shot, which makes me very sick, and makes my joint's hurt. maybe if i am still here next year i can get into your 12 days of christmas.

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583 days ago

ellem i just love your show. i m interested in igning up for your 12 day[s of giveaway, but don't know how o go about it. i watch your show baily except when i]m doing chemo, i have cancer,and doctoring just about every day. my co-pay's take all my money, and then some. so i have no money left for the holiday;s i need brake's, and roter's, and shock;s on mycar, i am on social security and it just don;t stertch very far. LOVE YOU ELLEN''' KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. my phone is 727-856-3151 THANK YOU