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Mary Harding
Name Mary Harding
Location Chicago Ridge, Illinois
Joined 652 days ago
Hobbies Ido portraits crossword puzzles,read
About Me Im not bad for an old broad Iguess I like me ,Like to sing and I like comedy ,Im having financial problems but I pray and make do with what I have its scary sometimes but theres always some one worse off so Ishould count my blessings
Mary Harding
Seth Rogen, Christina Hendricks
82 days ago

Hi Ellen its gloomy out again ,but at least its not snowing Hooray,Ihope you doing just great !!!Yes I already watched your show,and saw Seth on there, and now I will talk to you later

Mary Harding
Ryan Seacrest, Dave Franco
83 days ago

Hi Ellen boy I have to tell you ,this weather here in ILLinois is nuts ,it looks do Gloomy out side and its suppose to be in the 50,s today I don't think so seems a lot colder ,Ellen it May already ,well it will be in one day, tooooo cold for me!I love you ,your show ,god bless ,take care and all that jazz!

Mary Harding
Robin Roberts, Carla Bruni
84 days ago

Hi Ellen ,its Tuesday and it only 12:00noon,but I
Will be watching you and I love Robin Roberts,so I'll be looking forward to another great show ,take care ,love always,and god bless,

Mary Harding
Kai Langer, LL Cool J
85 days ago

Hi Ellen ,love ya ,as always ,well it's Monday ,in Illinois 11:00am ,will be watching you later ,never miss you ,no matter what ,I could be in a lot of pain ,but watching you always makes my day, you are a Riot!

Mary Harding
The Incredible Adam Levine
89 days ago

Hi Ellen I know I'm an old broad but dammmmmmmm!AdamLevine ,that's one sexy man My parts come alive when I watch him,and you know I'll be watching your show later on,it's only 12:00 noon now take care ,and love always

Mary Harding
See Derek & Julianne Hough MOVE Live on Tour
93 days ago

I think they are fabulous,Derek and Julianne always did like to watch them dance OMG what talent they are so so gifted

Mary Harding
Kristen Bell, Tony Hale
96 days ago

Can't wait to see your show today Ellen I watch you faithfully every weekday I don't always comment every day but pretty darn close to everyday , Love always and god bless!

Mary Harding
Eva Longoria, Clark Gregg
100 days ago

Hi Ellen its Sunday this weather here in Illinois is nuts!!yesterday it was 80 ,and sunny today its drab looking outside,and for some reason I'm cold,but your on my email every Sunday and I thank you sooo much for keeping me in tune of what's happening every week,love always and god bless you in what ever you do!

Mary Harding
Johnny Depp and the Cast of ‘Transcendence’
102 days ago

Hi Ellen O.M.G I hope you Kiss him !When I saw him on Jimmy Kimbel,Imean Johnny Depp kissing Jimmy ,I went Bananas! You always have the best guests on your show,and besides I love ya sooooo much Ellen

Mary Harding
Pharrell Williams, Zooey Deschanel
103 days ago

Hi Ellen ,going shopping but will be back to watch your show,can't wait ,Pharrell's song is the best it just makes me happy the music makes my old bones come alive,still hurts but comes alive ,so I'll see you later ,love always and god bless

Mary Harding
Rob Lowe, Guillermo Díaz
105 days ago

Hi Ellen well you have Rob Lowe on your show today and I think Greg that was on your show Monday is a cutie too,any ways I'll be watching you later its 9:30am now have thinks to do and its finally getting warm in ILLinois,Yeah,god bless and love always

Mary Harding
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Simon Baker
111 days ago

Hi Ellen I thought this site was for Ellen ,what else is it for?anyway I'll be watching you later take care!

Mary Harding
Lindsay Lohan, Amy Schumer
114 days ago

Hi Ellen ,I still think Lindsay has a long way to go , She seems very insecure,and Well,look at her parents ,they aren't help to her at all!! ,that's a shame, she still needs someone to guide her and I think Oprah is helping her,Lindsay's parents are horrible and I really hope Lindsay can get a strong backbone ,enough to keep her healthy ,sane and throw those lowlife parents to the curb,anyways I'll be watching you on Monday Ellen ,God bless and love always(°-°)

Mary Harding
Channing Tatum, Kate McKinnon
116 days ago

Hi Ellen you are wonderful and so are your guests especially Channing Tatum !I realize he's married but woweeeee! At my age when hes on your show my old parts come alive ,he is one sexy man gotta go Your shows on NOW!! Love ya!!

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