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Mary Harding
Name Mary Harding
Location Chicago Ridge, Illinois
Joined 659 days ago
Hobbies Ido portraits crossword puzzles,read
About Me Im not bad for an old broad Iguess I like me ,Like to sing and I like comedy ,Im having financial problems but I pray and make do with what I have its scary sometimes but theres always some one worse off so Ishould count my blessings
Mary Harding
Kai Langer, LL Cool J
64 days ago

What am I saying I cant watch you today its Memorial day ,and tennis is on your station right now but ,I can see it again I think your show was a rerun today anyway!

Mary Harding
Kai Langer, LL Cool J
64 days ago

Hi Ellen I didn't get email on who is on this week I don't know why but I looked on my tablet and found it Any ways I hope you are doing great and this little boy on your show is so cute when he sings his eyes are closed ,he is adorable,and LL CoolJay he's a cutie ,could his dimple get any bigger ,love always

Mary Harding
Diane Keaton, Taylor Kitsch
67 days ago

Hi Ellen You have Diane Keaton on again, she funny especially when you get her drunk,it doesn't take much for her to drink ,too funny I'm watching you now ,youtwo together your a card anyway ,I'm loving watching you , you are the Brest Ellen and I love you and have a great Holiday see ya on Monday!

Mary Harding
Jim Parsons, Sasha Alexander
68 days ago

Hi Ellen ,can't wait Jim Parsons on your show today ,he is such a good actor ,I love watching him He is so annoying on his show I can't help to watch it I hope you are doing great Ellen also how is the weather where you are ,yesterday it was 86degrees today its 70 degrees ,unbelievable,well Ill let you go !take care!!

Mary Harding
Charlize Theron & Seth MacFarlane, Coldplay
69 days ago

Hi Ellen Hope you are doing excellent,took a bus went to store with 2huge bags of groceries and cleaning stuff and clothes soap,and fabric softener,and PAIN MEDICINE,I'm 67 and I have dinasaur bones and I'm hurting to day ,I'm putting all my stuff away Turning on TV laying down on bed,take a nap ,and will watch you at 300pmChannel 5,and I don't wantto miss Charlize and Seth ,love you !

Mary Harding
Halle Berry, Tim McGraw
70 days ago

Hi Ellen its 9:00am and its gorgeous in ILLinois suppose to be 80degrees later on ,I'll be watching you later with Halle and Tim,and you of course ,you never stop from surprising me ,your show is sooooooo uplifting ,you even make my aches go away ,your completely nuts(in a great way) and you make your whole staff funny too,it must be a riot just to work with you ,love and god bless you ,Mary

Mary Harding
Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore, Sophia Grace & Rosie
71 days ago

Hi Ellen ,its Mary again its gonna be a nice day here in ILLinois , and I hope it s cooling off for you in California ,its only 10:30am but Ill be watching your show with Adam and Drew later ,love ya and god Bless

Mary Harding
Amanda Seyfried, Ed Sheeran
74 days ago

Hi Ellen its Friday and its 48 degrees in ILLinois,took a bus yesterday(lost my Car) and Mike the bus driver likes to kid around and told me it was suppose to snow today !Ellen I started laughing ,but today when I turned on the TV and saw where and the snow actually coming down I almost ____!! What crazy weather in May ,well I'm about to watch your show in 5minutes,lots of love and god bless you and crew always

Mary Harding
Emily Blunt, Ansel Elgort
76 days ago

Hi Ellen I hope your doing fine Can't believe it one day Its 80'degrees and today its 50 degrees in two days time and its the middle of May ,I hope its nice where you are at I'll be watching you later ,god bless and lots of love. {•±•}. (*;*). (•¡•)

Mary Harding
Maya Rudolph, Sean Hayes
77 days ago

Hi {•±•} Ellen can't wait for your show Maya's on she's almost as funny as you --and your NUTS!! And I mean that in a very good way for sure ,love ya,its only10:00am be watching you later

Mary Harding
A Celebration of Moms with Mila Kunis & Keith Urban!
81 days ago

Hi Ellen ,washing clothes have to walk thru 2corridors to do it but I need the exercise badly I ride a bike ,but that's really cheating because your really sitting on your butt and the bike is holding up your weight anyway Mil as on today I'm sooo happy this will be hers and Ashtons(I know I spelled it wrong ) first baby really can't wait to watch you love ya!!

Mary Harding
Connie Britton, Ellie Kemper
82 days ago

Hi Ellen ,its just me again ,I think IMA loyal Ellen fan ,and I like Connie Britton ,she's so laid back as an actress ,she makes it look soooo easy ,and also watching these people with their hidden talents is pretty cool,well its only 11:00am so I will be watching you later ,see ya Ellen ,god bless ,and take care! {•±•}

Mary Harding
Julia Roberts, Ray LaMontagne
83 days ago

Hi Ellen Hope you are doing great ,I cant wait for your show to day Julia's on ,its beautiful weather here in Illinois ,sunny ,blue skies ,WARM HOORAY!!

Mary Harding
Kevin Spacey, Ariana Grande, Alison Sweeney
84 days ago

Hi Ellen ,good morning its 7:45am ,Its really sunny and blue skies today ,anyway I like Kevin Spacey,he's funny and a great actor,and oh yes!!I'll be watching you today ,I watch you every day,take care love,and god bless!

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