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Mary Harding
Name Mary Harding
Location Chicago Ridge, Illinois
Joined 655 days ago
Hobbies Ido portraits crossword puzzles,read
About Me Im not bad for an old broad Iguess I like me ,Like to sing and I like comedy ,Im having financial problems but I pray and make do with what I have its scary sometimes but theres always some one worse off so Ishould count my blessings
Mary Harding
Wanda Sykes, Jordana Brewster
3 hours ago

HiEllen ,I know this is a rerun ,there's been a lot of them ,But I still watch you every day ,I love Wanda Sykes,and you ,its gonna be funny again ,as always ,love and God bless you

Mary Harding
Kristen Bell, Jason Mraz and Travie McCoy, DJ 2 Chainz
3 days ago

Hi Ellen and your wonderful funny crew,Its 9:30am,and a gorgeous day outside,I'll be watching you later ,as always ,would be really nice to win something ,or a car ,even a used car would work ,Ellen I've tried for over 11yrs to win something ,thats long long time,,maybe I will someday!! anyways god bless all of you

Mary Harding
Lady Gaga, Marshall Kimber
4 days ago

Hi Ellen and crew,its only 7:30am ,just got your email for this weeks show,Lady GaGa's on ,great ,that lady can sing,and she's very interesting!she's her own style good for her, I'll be watching later,got to take a bus pretty soon ,god bless and love to all of you

Mary Harding
A Celebration of Moms with Mila Kunis & Keith Urban!
7 days ago

Hi Ellen I'm watching this again this show is a rerun ,but I never miss your shows its. Always good no matter what

Mary Harding
Robin Williams, DJ Ellie Kemper
8 days ago

Hi Ellen and The CrewI'm watching you right now ,your DJ is cute today ,and I love Robin Williams can't wait to see him , hope your all fantastic!

Mary Harding
Fergie, Kym Douglas
9 days ago

Hi Ellen ,I haven't seen Fergie ,since she was pregnant ,can't wait for your show as always one of your biggest fans

Mary Harding
Kanye West, Elizabeth Banks
10 days ago

Hi Ellen today I'm a year older ,and so far so good ,I hope you are doing great and thank you for finally answering my email by putting your upcoming dhows on this week

Mary Harding
James Franco, Sophia Grace & Rosie
11 days ago

Hi Ellen !I love James Franco ,but I don't understand why I had to look for today's news about your show ,Monday July 14th ,you don't seem to want me on your email ,If I did something to attend you I'm sorry ,anyway I had to search for today and I'll be watching ,signed a loyal fan!!!!!!

Mary Harding
Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt
15 days ago

Hi Ellen ,how are you and your crew,I did something dumb but Ibet it hagod bless ppens to every one,when I went to bed I turned the air conditioner up a little,when I woke up I was freezing ,but I'm not missing your show I know its a rerun ,but Channing is soooooyummy to look at ,and I'm an old broad!Its still early but Ill be watching I watch you every weekday,,godbless ,Mary

Mary Harding
Emma Thompson, Lenny Kravitz
17 days ago

Hi Ellen I'm watching your show I cant believe that cop couldn't even bend over to pickup the potatoes but kicked them instead ,,I hope he gets to see him self on national TV and how friggin lazy he really is !! Back to you ,I love you and Emma and Lenny ,good ,good show as always

Mary Harding
Rachel McAdams, Hailee Steinfeld
21 days ago

Hi Ellen Happy4th of July****(•±•) I'm watching you right now----and whats red, white, blue and black all over!! Uncle Sam after falling down the stairs! And what did George Washington say to his men before crossing the Delaware??_____Get your As--'s in the dam boat Now!! Love you and your crew ,

Mary Harding
Daniel Radcliffe, Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke!
23 days ago

Hi Ellen ,I didn't get on my tablet till 1100/pm there was there storms here last night knocked the modem out didn't have internet power till just now and Iwasnt feeling good all day ,see ya tommorow,love always Mary Harding and I love Daniel Radcliffe

Mary Harding
The Incredible Adam Levine
26 days ago

Hi Ellen its Sunday you used to get on my email every Sunday for the next coming weekly Events ,the only reason I'm on now is because I went on last Fridays email to me to get on for Monday ! Why ??

Mary Harding
Amy Poehler, Ellie Goulding
28 days ago

Hi Ellen You got Amy on today I'm watching her now she's a riot,you two together are a riot ,Ihaveto watch the show bye for now

Mary Harding
Jack Black, Lorde
30 days ago

Hi Ellen,your show just came on now ,you have Jack Black on ,he's hysterical ,I love you and your show ,you make me feel good all the time when your on!,!god bless you

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