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Mary Cheryl Clear
Name Mary Cheryl Clear
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Hobbies anything that makes me busy:-))
About Me simple my family but the distance keeps us apart:-((...i came from the beautiful country Philippines and will be traveling back home soon....
Mary Cheryl Clear
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159 days ago

Hi Ellen how are you? Im one of your million avid fan on TV but when my husband took the cable off and changed it to antenna i just watch your show online because i dont know what local Chanel your show is on. Sad because i really really enjoy you watching and your funny...I remembered Chariss Pampengco from the Philippines guested on your show before and shes a Filipina. Ok let me start by saying this, i am a pure Filipina living here in Michigan, been here for 5 years now and sad to say wasn't able to go home when my father died 2 years ago. I felt guilty about that, but our problem before was the airfare, my husband cannot afford to pay for it nor do i because i didnt have a job that time. But now that things are doing ok i can finally go home and visit my family on April 4th, God willing:-))..Anyway im writing you today because i have something to share. I know you love animals so do i. I have this dog named Sassy. Shes about 4 years old and shes my baby:-))..When i go back home i will miss her so much that i cannot think of what to do:-(((..My husband cannot take care of her, thats a fact. He is not home from 6am till 6pm and i dont want my dog to die. I will be gone for 1 year and i dont know what to do with Sassy:-((..When i think of her situation i start crying:-((..I dont really know what to do...I contacted but my gosh they are so i contacted Delta Cargo on how much they charge and its a little bit pricey but not as much as airanimal.. Delta Cargo charges around 900 dollars plus another 900 to pick Sassy from where Delta with arrive. Delta airlines only land in Manila Philippines and not on other area of the Philippines. Thats why i need to travel from my city Dipolog City then to Manila to pick her up...that amounted to around 1,800 dollars including paper works(certificates etc.) Sigh how i wish i can raise fund for her airfare..I wrote to Joel Osteen and ask for help, I wrote to some websites that sponsors but i didnt get any reply:-((..Oh well i told Sassy if we are meant to be then God will make a can search Sassy on her facebook page can see her beautiful, cute face:-))..thank you and more power to you and to your show