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Mary Borgaily
Name Mary Borgaily
Age 60
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Hobbies gardening, caring for my dogs, reading, some TV, simple video games, embroidery
About Me I am a retired RN who enjoyed a 35 year career caring for infants and children. Am now disabled; have Lyme disease(NOT a nice thing to have). I enjoy caring for my 2 senior, silly, furry dogs who are the light of my life. A 15 year old Bichon Frise named Katie who is deaf,a cancer survivor (like me), & the happiest dog I have ever known. And Lainie,age 10,a very brave Lhasa Apso who survived the terror of 5½ years imprisonment in Puppy Mill hell. Katie's goal in life is to have everyone she meets rub her tummy. Can we come on your show so she can get a tummy rub?
Mary Borgaily
Message from Ellen
171 days ago

Hi Ellen,
The Broncos lost last night's Super Bowl.aww...I knew you liked them. I usually don't watch football.I tried to, but get frustrated when the game is interrupted every 10 seconds or so for a huddle, or some umpire blowing his whistle,or a coach yelling. How can anyone keep track of this game? I DID like the Broncos' orange uniforms, though. It's one of my favorite colors.
I see that you have Steve Harvey on your show this week. I respect him a lot,too.That show will probably be more hysterical than usual.
Pass on a message to him, please. Steve, if you have any more dating segments on your show, how about remembering us Senior citizens? I'm 60 yrs. old, not dead. Oh, I also have arthritis & walk with a cane. So could you find me a good, strong man who can catch me when I start to fall? And he has to love dogs. Because I have 3 small, incredibly cute, very friendly dogs.

Mary Borgaily
Ellen's Got Mountain Lions
326 days ago

You could have said, "We found that he had fertilized our property".
Without our knowledge!

Mary Borgaily
Caption This! Who's Walking Who?
412 days ago

See, Mom, I told you I would find a pony that I could ride.
Just help me on, and I'm going for a ride. Giddy Up, horsey!