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Mary Bavaro
Name Mary Bavaro
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Hobbies Harleys, Horses, reading, cooking, road trips
About Me Musikmom of three talented kids... although Francesca is beyond talented... truly gifted and a true musician
Mary Bavaro
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256 days ago

My daughter Francesca is truly a musician touched by God.. it's more than talent, even more than gifted...there is not another explanation than "being touched" by God. She started talking at six months, by 18 months she was singing songs beginning to end and with such poise it actually scared me... first time mommy thinking God was going to take her away from me. But alas, she is here, alive, healthy and extraordinarily gifted. I believe if you seen her, heard her, watched her perform you and yours would be in complete agreement. I would so appreciate you taking an interest in her, and humbly ask that you watch the youtube video and realize how powerful a presence she is in person.

I present to you Francesca Nicola Bavaro