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Mary Bandy
Meatless Monday: Shepherd's Pie & Vegan Potato Latkes
415 days ago

Good Morning Ellen, Our daughter and son-in-law are vegan and have been for years. Just these past about 5 months she started looking too skinny. She never slows down until bedtime and a couple of months ago she started taking yoga instruction lessons. She now looks anorexic and got mad when I told her so. I think it's great she's keeping herself healthy so she doesn't end up with my many health problems but the girl needs to eat much more than she is. I don't know what to do. I do know that being vegan gives you a healthy low fat body look, not anorexic. We just started being vegan about 2 months ago and I already lost 10 pounds. I'm fat though and have 110 more to lose. Being "sofa" ridden, it's very hard to lose any weight because I go only from sofa to wheelchair. I haven't slept with my husband for 3 years because I can't lay flat. What can I do to convince her that she doesn't look healthy and needs to eat more than a normal person? I hope that you will be careful also and be healthy being vegan and notice if you are starting to look skinnier then one of Americas High Fashion Models. Thanks for listening Ellen. I also need to talk to you on going about getting a toy dog as a companion from somewhere. Where I live someone snatches them up faster than my wheelchair can go, so I can never get one. I hear they have shelters that care for only certain breeds. There I may stand a chance of getting a friend. I lay here 24/7 and not a friend around. You have to be able to get out of the house to make friends. Love You Ellen, Mary. I know you are real busy so I don't expect an answer right away.