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Mary Ann LeBlanc
Name Mary Ann LeBlanc
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Hobbies My dog Chance,Books, volunteering at the ARK
About Me I have a question: when I clicked on the spot where I was to enter my birthday I ran into a problem: it doesn't go back to the year I was born!! that why I mostly see young women in the audience? Been thinking about trying to get up the nerve to get on a plane to come to see the show - I LOVE Ellen - mostly because she's always laughing and people just don't do that enough....and that's not funny. Anyway am interested in why I can't put in my age - which surprises me because I usually don't want to tell!! Anyway thanks Ellen and wonderful crew for any info! Mary Ann
Mary Ann LeBlanc
Shakira, Bethenny Frankel
380 days ago

I keep getting these emails about how to win 12 days tickets and who's going to be on the show and I'm missing all of it!! All I have are Ellen reruns - please help!