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Mary Ann Klaus
Name Mary Ann Klaus
Location Edinburg, NY
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About Me Live upstate NY, my daughter has her part of the house and I have mine (mother & daughter house). Within last 3 years my health has changed, but have the mind of a young person. Hard getting around, but I do. My goal is to stay healthy & do as much as I can for my children. Belong to the Red Hat Society & we get together every month for a luncheon and an event, whether its visiting a museumm, finding anything we can do together. Christmas time visiting my son who is in the Coast Guard & don't get to see him as much as I want. He lives in St. Pete, Fla. Haven't seen him since January when I had surgery. Miss him a lot. My daughter is my rock, she is there for me along with her fiancee Charlie whom I love. He is also there for me, if my daughter can't take me to a doctor he does. I am blessed having wonderful children. Don't have any hobbies, I use to like to collect movie, singer's memorabilia, but stopped that.
Mary Ann Klaus
Win Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
226 days ago

From reading above how to enter for the 12 days of Christmas giveaways on Facebook or Twitter, I can't do that. Don't do either of them on my computer as my computer is too old. Would love to sign up as I can't buy any Christmas gifts for my family. I'm on a fixed income. Is there any other way to sign up? I probably wouldn't win anything anyway, but would've love to try. Please advise.
Thank you.