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Mary Alterator
Name Mary Alterator
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Hobbies music art cooking for friends sharing the good whenever possible.
About Me I do my thing and love the love I feel from those people who know love and support me. I am going to university for the first time in my life and really excited at what that holds for me. Everything is possible if I keep my energy strong and clear. I exercise daily and eat as responsibly as possible. I am blessed with good friends though sadly a lot of them are all over the world so all our communication is email and facebook based for the most. I live alone and make art when I can. There are amazing local produce markets and enjoy the seasonal qulaity of the produce as well grown with the one earth we all share, in mind.
Mary Alterator
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
529 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I know you are currently doing a koala-ing thing on your show in anticipation of you coming to Australia and like the many fans you have I will join the line and salute your generosity and mantra of being kind to one another. I was going to do you a video and show you an arty take on the darlings but I would like to point out the amazing work Friends of the Koala do in Lismore much more.

I am not sure if you are aware but our sweet nosed defenceless icon is under threat, I thought it would be best if you had the time when you are doing your show here to raise more awareness of this tragic plight. It unfortunately gets a momentary profile in th media but then is shuffled aside. Displacement is happening all up and down the east coast in the name of the developers . So much of their natural habitat is destroyed and then when they are brough into the clinic where all the volunteers ( my dear sweet friend Lili Bailly included and others) give and give of their time and efforts in the hope they will survive. Sadly , the reality is different. They can be victims of road trauma and this organization run by an amazing crew is doing such a great thing. Could you consider what your programming schedule could do to accommodate this request and profile the wonderful Friends of the Koala. I truly know you would be doing a beyond beautiful thing!! I attempted to send you a link on facebook but was cyber challenged. Maybe if one of your associates has the time they could look up friends of the koala on facebook. Thanks for taking the time with this as it is a crisis situation for so many of the surviving furry ones. Love from the heart, M