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Name Mary
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Hobbies spending quality time w/ my 10 yr. old son :) antiquing/flea-markets, walking, the ocean, country music, photography and travel/moving
About Me I am a 51 yr. old (basically single) Mama. I have raised my now 10 yr. old son on my own since I was 3 mos. pregnant and have loved every single wonderful minute, even the tough ones. I enrolled in college at the age of 49 and will receive my Assoc. Degree in Criminal Justice/Investigations at the end of the winter semester!! YAY ME!!! I do all I can with and for my son, this is his time. It has been a struggle from day one, but I put my best foot forward each and every day to put my son first, always. I am a firm believer that children should and need to always come first, not matter the sacrifices we may need to make as a parent, that is our responsibility. Our child(ren) did not ask to be brought to this world. The most unselfish thing I have ever done and will continue to do till I take my last breath (at 111 yrs. old) is to love, respect, nurture and be there for my son. He is by far the smartest decision I ever made and the love of my life!!
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645 days ago

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