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Robin Thicke and Pharrell Perform 'Blurred Lines'
214 days ago

I CANNOT believe you have this song on your show and website. Women are raped and beaten everyday. Why? Because our society is a rape culture. It accepts women being called "animals" to try and "domesticate". We're not farm animals or pets. Being called this is saying women are "lesser". Change the power structure from man on woman to straight on gay (or white on black/asian/Arab) Would you allow someone to say gays are animals? And domesticate? That's like turning gays straight. *****, animal, slut, ho..all sexist slurs. Do you allow anti-gay slurs on your show? I'm sure gay men have heard (while being beaten for being gay) "I have something so big it''ll tear your a** in two." Yes, that's a lyric from "Blurred Lines." Or, "I know you want it" (it being his attacker's d**k in his mouth because he is gay) when really, no, no he doesn't. Neither do women. No means no. Really, if he's not hearing yes, then it's rape. It's a horrible, horrible song. And the video objectifies women, which dehumanizes women, which leads to rape and violence against women. As does dehumanizing gays. I just cannot believe you, Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show, GMA all promoted this song. I was absolutely disgusted when I first READ the lyrics. My husband thought I was nuts, and then he read the lyrics. Stand up to the music industry now and apologize to women for allowing such denigration on your show.