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You Write, Ellen Responds!
389 days ago

Hello,I like your show . I wish I could living with my girlfriend and feel free on my opnion but .... .Its not fair :( .

Quotes of the Week
390 days ago

Hello I've seen a lot of comments that people asking you to help them ! Its so interesting ! in my country we involved a lot of prob where these things seem nothing , we don't have freedom to tell about our real feel and that kind of life we want , we have to wear that Gov say and..... hoom; here two people with same sex cant marry ,they just can living when hidden their real feels from others , here we are not hungry but we also feel sad and depresion, most of young people who dont like be in this critical situation, trying to changing situation but they reach less. so they are many people who want leave our country ,my country is very nice with a valuable history ,at the past world has a good look to my people but now we lost , when the religion and politic have mixed.
I pray for all of those who need help . I hope they overcome problems and have fun at all.

Best regards Ellen

Kate McKinnon Takes Over for Ellen
397 days ago

hooom,, Same as always that was so interesting ,I'm a real fan of you and your shows.Its not possible For me to see your shows on the Tv so I forward them here.actually its so hard cause they are many limited in our internet and the speed is as slow as turtle. But I've done :)

Best regards
Mary. Iran :)