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First of all I love that fact that you took Abercrombie & Fitch to task in your monologue. A & F's marketing tactics over the years have been more than questionable. I personally do not shop there, but not because I can’t fit into their clothes, but because I do not want to dress like a teenager. I am a forty-something woman who at 5’7 and 100lbs is the same size I was in high school Yes!! I am a size 0! Well, at least I used to be. Now I can grab a size 0 skirt off the rack in a store, hold it up to my waist and know immediately it is too large, probably by at least two sizes. I have seen my friends get so excited because they found a pair of size 4 pants that they bought one in every color. If they looked in their closet they would see they are hanging next to the identical size 10 pants they bought five years ago. Sizing itself is a marketing ploy and most clothing manufacturers are guilty of sizing down their product to make the average sized woman feel better and therefore spend more money in their stores. It is pretty sad that it works most of the time.
Where I think you missed the boat on this one, (and I hate to say it because I just love your positive attitude and great sense of humor) is by implying that no one is a size zero. I do get the joke, and even laughed along with you, but on some level it brought out in me the feelings of the skinny, unattractive girl I have worked so hard to keep hidden. I have spent a lifetime fending off a never ending barrage of questions, comments and accusations concerning my weight. I have had strangers come up to me and ask me how much I weigh, often times in a not so polite manner. Just recently I was walking into the grocery store and had someone yell from a car passing by "Hey!! You need to f-ing eat something lady!" Another comment that sticks out is "You know, your sister is such an great woman, she would be cute if she put on some weight" Ugh! Even for someone my age who has developed a pretty thick skin regarding these remarks I have to say that hurt. These comments have shaped my behavior in so many ways. Some ways I didn’t even realize until I really thought about it. I recall a time in high school when someone made a comment when I was coming out of the ladies room after lunch. "Well, we know how she stays so thin" After that I never used the bathroom after lunch again, ever. On a lighter note, I love to travel, but my absolute biggest nightmare isn’t about the plane crashing, but what will I do if they lose my luggage and I have to try and shop for clothes that fit!
I really do hope you see this letter because it truly was meant to be a heartfelt “thank you” for your positive message about being cool by being you! I do hope people realize that when we call out these companies for their bad behavior , that is just the beginning. We need to demand realistic sizing and photo-shop disclaimers in print advertising! Our true power is in our wallet. Money talks and when it isn’t flowing into their cash registers they will listen. As for me, the next time someone asks me “Really!! What do you eat” I will reply “Really, you want to know?? Take me to dinner, and bring your AMEX”