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Marvin L Magee
Name Marvin L Magee
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Hobbies Living life to the fullest each day and watching Ellen.
About Me I'm 48 and live in Katy, TX. I've been on dialysis for about two years now due to high blood pressure and am on the list for a kidney transplant. Hoping that one will come along some day so that I can live life to the fullest. I have a 6 year old God daughter that lives with me and it's tough at times being on disability. Holidays are the times that I really wish I was back on my feet so I could give my baby girl the christmas she deserves.
Marvin L Magee
Win All of the Prizes from Day 11 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

I'm hoping that I can win one of the 12 days gifts.

Marvin L Magee
Win All of the Prizes from Day 10 of 12 Days!
591 days ago

Pick me and make my year.

Marvin L Magee
Win All of the Prizes from Day 3 of 12 Days!
600 days ago

Merry Christmas Ellen and your family and staff.

Marvin L Magee
Worried About Gifts This Season?
602 days ago

My Christmas wish is for my 6 year old god daughter that I've taken care of since she was 3 months old due to her parents having problems. I'm a dialysis patient on a fixed income and waiting a kidney transplant.

I'd just love to be able to give Da'Laisha a nice Christmas and would really appreciate the help.

Hoping you, your family and staff have a safe and happy holiday.

Marvin L Magee
Black Thursday?
609 days ago

LOL, we are in line at Best Buy for next year's black friday.