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Martha Rhodes
Name Martha Rhodes
Location Machesney Park , IL
Age 56
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Hobbies painting, fishing ,traveling, baking, horses,watching Ellen
About Me Oh my what to say i am a day dreamer always has bean. I have * children and 13 grand children. I am married and have a wonderful husband. love animals. i love nature and all of it. The oceans and everything in between.I have two dogs and one cat. I am so blessed i love all of my family.
Martha Rhodes
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587 days ago

Hello Ellen i know that you are just the best. Everyday that you get up and come to work you have to know that you make everyone's day.Your jokes and fun friends and times.It's nice to watch you and your network making dreams come true. I love this about you Ellen, your mom has to be very proud of you. I have to say i was so upset over the shooting in Connecticut, all of those babies it is so sad, What is this world coming too. As well as those babies that died and the adults we lost a young man who should of had the right treatment and perhaps they would all be here.We are failing more everyday to take care of each other and our babies to keep them safe.We as a society need to get rid of these gamed that are full of violence. Enough is enough. We need to take a look at ways to spot these horrible senseless shootings and murders.we need more regulation on guns and these games that do promote killing. And it does period. Thank you for being you. God speed Ellen and staff. from Martha Rhodes.