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Martha Ellen Fields
Name Martha Ellen Fields
Age 71
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Hobbies Reading, jewelry crafts, knitting, crocheting, and relaxing!
About Me I love the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, and if I can't watch it, I record it and watch later. I retired in 2003, lived the retirement life for awhile but had to go back to work last year, at a McDonalds, because of the economy, and the stock market losing most of my retirement funds I was using to supplement SS. BUT...I now only have Social Security income as I have been on a Leave of Absence since May 2012, due to two surgeries, first one in May, second one the end of July for Rotator Cuff, which caused severe Carpal Tunnel, and now getting ready for right knee replacement surgery coming up the week before Christmas. Then probably carpal tunnel surgery next year. I work for H&R Block during Income Tax Season, I have since 1987, with a couple years off due to my 'real job', prior to retiring! I work this coming 2013, as my knee will be healed enough. I do Quality Assurance, checking the preparer's work on the returns and if all is correct, I electronically file them, and get the feedback on each return. I also do a lot more to ensure the clients are well looked after and taken care of. I have been caring for my Gentleman Friend for almost four years, as he has Alzheimer's. We have been together for over 19 years. His children and I are taking the steps necessary to get him into a nice Nursing Care Facility so he will be taken care of better than I now can. He is getting much worse, and can not be left alone, and he needs so much help in daily functions, that with my knee surgery, I won't be able to do what needs to be done to care for him. I can't leave him now to work, and I must work, which I wish I did not have to. I like to travel, and Ken and I used to travel. We'd take a few weeks and go to Florida each fall, and come home just before Christmas, but now I can't travel with him. I dream of being able to travel to Calif. and go to an Ellen show, but know I don't have, now will I probably get the money to do so. I can dream though, can't I?
Martha Ellen Fields
Moving Letter to Santa
593 days ago


You are such a big hearted young man of 10! You give everyone hope in showing your selflessness for other children less fortunate than you. May God Bless You, and I thank you for showing me and others that there are young people like you growing up with wonderful values. Thanks to your parents for raising you in a manner that exudes loving, caring, and compassion for others in need.
I am sure that Santa may have something for you, just because you are so kind in giving up what you would like to have to others.