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Madonna's Moving Words to Ellen
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Since I couldn't find Ellen email, would you please give to her this message...Thank you

Dear Ellen,

I know you have heard thousand of times how wonderful you are because you simply are!!! You are an inspiration for humanity.... and for me that I am married with another human being who happen to have the same sex gender. Thank you for teaching other that we are just normal.

Ellen, I love the way you live, the work you do, the success you have and your bank account !!!

I am married with the most wonderful woman on earth; we have a human loving relationship. I am from Colombia. I studied psychology and specialize in trauma and my wife is from Spain, where we live. She is also a psychologist and she's played basketball for 25 years!

We would love to move to the United States to work and live. There is an opportunity to apply for a green card in a lottery, but since we are a gay couple we can't apply. Due the lack of knowledge and prejudices there are many rights we can't have because we are gay.

I wonder if there is something you can find out about this situation. The lawyer said we need to get a job. I used to work in NYC for 5 years as a psychologist, but this place no longer exists. I can send you my resume. I am a very good psychotherapist. Maybe you know an organization that could hire us. My wife wants to work with children --- she loves them.

I am sending you a picture of us. Looking forward to hear form you !