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Marsha L. Hays
Name Marsha L. Hays
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Hobbies creative writing, singing, gardening, home decorating, events planning. researching & collecting family photos and history.
About Me Mother of (3), and one gran-daughter. Spent many years caring for the second child who has a intellectual disability & cerebral palsy. I have a strong firm commitment to God, and I have battled with several illnesses myself, but i know that God is a healer. I am on the road to a successful recovery. I want to continue writing in my spare time, because I feel that i am a very talented writer. I have dealt with so much sickness in the past 9 years, sickness can get you down and leave you isolated, and I watch the Ellen show because you bring so much joy, and Ellen is so funny, this is the best talk show on television. MY children and I have watched this show since 2003.
Marsha L. Hays
Tyler Perry, Ludacris
423 days ago

Ellen thank you for your shows. They all have been so great, unexpected and your producers and your entire staff make this show so outstanding. I feel that it is the number one talk show. God has given you a very big heart, to care and take notice of everything that is going on around you. Every time I watch your show, you give recognition, you show that you care, you give cash, prizes, and you have helped many of your audience and guests live better lives, even helped them live dreams and excel to their highest potential. So many of your guest like: Tyler Perry give me so much inspiration. Thank You