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Marsha Henry
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Marsha Henry
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157 days ago

You are the best! Giving to so many!
I wrote in, but am hoping my name and personal information is left out of my writing!

Marsha Henry
A New Car for a Special Ellen Fan
157 days ago

Today I watched your show when you gave a car away. I have a son who needs a break in many ways. He has to sale his car because he does not have a good enough job to make the payment. (2005, used Focus) To make a long story short, he graduated valedictorian from high school, graduated honors from college, and had a head injury while in grad school at Columbia. He came home, ill, and his behavior landed him on probation (from domestic violence) as his father and I could not convince him he needed help. He went through treatment and his life has been put on hold for 4 years. He is finally well, but has tried effortlessly to get a decent job in the past two yrs. since the judge had him on probation. His attorney said he is wonderful and could not believe he could not get the judge to drop his probation early. It is to be over in July with any charge dropped. My son is the most fine young man you would want to meet. He had an excellent life ahead of him until his misfortune. He is kind, never violent, never was, until the illness came on. Now, as he tries to get his life back on track, he is so frustrated to be denied a decent job. He is applying to several law schools and we pray he gets in for the fall, but again it may be put on hold due to the court systems slowness. Anyways, the only job he has pays very little. I pay for his health insurance, but cannot afford his car payment and car insurance also. So, he has to get rid of his car. There is so much more to his story. The community loved him and just knew he would go far. He is so disappointed.I hope he can make his dreams begin again within this next year. A great young man should not be held down like this. I retire in another year and a half from teaching. His father and I are divorced and I am our son's only means of financial support. It has made me struggle somewhat, but I will do everything I have to to help him get back on his feet. I know you do much for so many, any help would be appreciated. Your personality is so kind and I love to watch you dance on your show and hear your jokes.
Marsha Henry
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