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Marsha Crowder
Name Marsha Crowder
Age 55
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Hobbies Watching Ellen!!! Reading, music, and doing things with my grandchildren.
About Me I am a 55 year old wife of 38 years, mother of 3 and grandmother of 4. I love to travel, be with my grandkids and having fun with my high school friends! I have had breast cancer in 2003, and in 2008 I was diagnosed with another cancer, neuronendocrine carcinoid tumors on my liver. I don't drink nor smoke but I seem to attract cancer. I have been very blessed in my life and with the treatment so far. God has been good to me!!
Marsha Crowder
Message from Ellen
210 days ago

Happy New Year to you Ellen and all your staff! May you have a healthy, prosperous and happiest of New Years! May the happiness you bring to others return to you tenfold!

Marsha Crowder
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
230 days ago

Dear Ellen, I am writing this on behalf of a young lady who has given of herself to help mentor young people who need help. I call her my adopted daughter. She has come to mean so much to me. Unfortunately, she lost her job due to no fault of her own. This has not been easy with her not having a lot of income. She allows others to stay at her home who have no where else to go. Debra also helps buy school supplies for a young man she mentored. Her goal in life is to help children who are in need both financially and also those who have behavior problems. Debra is one of the kindest sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure to know. She gives of herself and her funds even when she doesn't have the extra to spend.
Her home is always open to help those who need it. She is helping her nephew and his friend who were thrown out of his friends home by the friends mother's boyfriend. Se would give her last dime to help anyone. Debra also talks to many young people she had in a youth group she once taught at church. If they have a problem, they know Debra will be there to talk to and give guidance to as well as wisdom. She is so sweet and I'd love to see her be helped, as she has helped others. She may have to sell her home if she doesn't get a job soon. Debra has sent out over 100 resumes and is studying for her Masters degree. I would hate to see someone so wonderful as Debra is, lose her home. I would love to see her have supplies for those who can't afford them. Also, for her to have the money to help buy clothes and some to live on so she doesn't worry all the time. Debra is the most selfless person I know. I would appreciate it very much if you would consider her for being a hero! She always will be in my eyes.
Thank you,
Marsha Crowder