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marsha charlet
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About Me married, two grown sons, thinking of retiring sometime this year.
marsha charlet
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532 days ago

my 51 year old sister has been going thru chemo treatments since fall. she found out shortly after that she was losing her position at work. on top of all this her husband died unexpectedly dec. 18th of a heart attack. she is a strong willed person and is going day by day trying to comfort her 3 children, a college student, a high school senior and an 8th grader. she is a great mom and will accept any job as a parent that others wont committee to. she agreed to head up the woodward-granger booster club this year because no one else would take the position. the two communities have been great support to her and the kids. and she greatly appreciates all they have done in bringing food in and love and support.......they put so many miles on cars driving the kids back and forth to sport events and athletic clubs. the senior year in high school is a very expensive one and trying to finance the the second child that will be going to college next year. i dont really know what you could do for them but they are all just so sad. my sister may have to go thru a bone morrow transplant she is still waiting for that test. it just mad me feel better to write to you. thanks marsha