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About Me I recently became a grandmother of twin boys Ayden and Brandon, they came into this world to bring happiness and joy to our family.
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583 days ago

Hi Ellen:

I haven't been able to see your show for over a month because my t-bo has been broken,but I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do to bring happiness into this world. You are truly a very special person.I know that if I could I would be just like you, I love to see the joy and happiness in the eyes of people when they receive, I am a true beleiver that is better to give than receive. I don't have much, but whenever I can I try to help anyone that is around me, wether is a homeless, an employee, or anyone I know that needs a hand. Thank you Ellen for being you!!
P.S. How come I never see anyone in you audience from Miami, Florida? Or did I miss the show? We love you down here too!!!


Marlene Llama