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About Me I'm a film producer after a long career in the field of animal welfare. My sister and I are producing a documentary about farm animal welfare and its relation to climate change mitigation, biodiversity preservation, and food sovereignty.
Marlene Halverson
Bruno Mars, Michelle Obama and Al Gore
527 days ago

Thank you for having Mr. Gore bring home the serious issues surrounding climate change and how to deal with it.

Just want to register that even if the entire population of the world were to eat vegan meals one day a week, if they don't change their purchases the rest of the week to buy products raised by farmers who raise animals in a sympathetic and ecological manner, the only animals that will benefit are those that weren't born.

The vast majority of animals raised for food will still be raised in conditions of deprivation and misery. In addition to reducing their meat consumption, consumers need to use their buying dollars to support more ecological animal farming and change the balance between industrial and ecological farming if the animals that are raised for food are not to continue to suffer.