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Marleen Witte
Name Marleen Witte
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Hobbies reading, baking, singing in choir, traveling, be with my grandchildren
About Me Surgical Technologist and First Assistant still working on a part time as needed basis. Go to church, choir and help with things when I can. Would like to do more travelling before my back gives out. Love seeing my Grandchildren and girls. I try to help people when I can and try not to miss the Ellen Show.
Marleen Witte
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265 days ago

Dear Ellen, My 69 yr. old friend Lynda Dent lives on her social security that does not reach. Her church has meals which helps and does get food from food pantry. She trys to make extra money taking elderly to Dr. appt. and shopping or pick up their meds. She has a son who is mentally challenced lives at a nursing home. She goes to take him to church and trys to see him once a week. She has bills for her hearing aids and a $9000 + credit card bill which she adds to when the car breaks down which is often. She needs a car she can depend on so she can make a little extra to pay her regular bills. We find things to help then goverment says she can only have one like her phone bill is back to $99 so she can have free cell phone so son can always reach her but now can't have the reduced phone bill or the hard of hearing phone. She also has had the food stamps taken from her like so many elderly here. She was given a new tv but that too has something wrong with it and needs to be sent to company for warranty to be honored. She can't afford to do that. She had a dental problem this year which I did help her with because credit card was to high, but I can't help with much I have bills and family that need my help. Through the years I have found people that know how to help her but now have run out of where to turn. So Ellen if you could help with a car for her it would be greatly appreciated. I watch your show and see you help so many please consider this lady. Marleen Witte