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Mark Breidt
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Mark Breidt
Cousins on Call Renovation Revealed!
438 days ago

hello ellen, I wrote to you the other day about the home repairs from cousins on call. my wife had told me about it. I was so tied up explaining our house cituation I was selfish and never mention my son LUKE. he is 13 years old and a great kid.we try and allow him to do different activities at school but its tougfh. he was in the Cess Club, he did well. he is now in karate and weight lifting. unfortunatly we might have to drop one of those activities because it is expensive. I am not really worried about the repairs on my house, I can live with it the way it is. but my son's activities are more important to me, he has been classified in special classes due to asspergers and has been in special classes. like I mentioned we moved to maine and tey main streem him ere and he is actually doing pretty good. so you can disregard my request for house repair, and if we were going to be picked I would rather have help with my sons activities. that means more to me as the house will be there and I will make it humble for us as much as possable.our son is more to us to beable is childood. but thank you in advance for any thoughts of elping. mark breidt

Mark Breidt
Message from Ellen
624 days ago

Hello Ellen, I have written in a couple times for wishes to come thru for my son or my wife. My wife watches you show every day at her work if she's not busy. She is a Barber for over 30 years. She loves your show. It would be really sweet if the 3 of us could come to your Christmas Show. We don't do much, I am on SSD because of my Tourettes, and my wifes income vary from day to day wether or not she has customers. I know I would rally enjoy it as well, I do watch you sometimes. I am home all day and usually busy. I love to bake and make stuff. My wife gets home from work and I have dinner on the table for her within ten miutes. We have one vehicle so I don't get a big chance to get out.
Well thats about all of it for us, just a basic american family making it thru the times. Thanx for reading this. have a great day.