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About Me I am a high school teacher in Georgetown, Ontario Canada. A big fan of Ellen and her show. While teaching is my main calling in life, I also dabble in script writing and sit on the Educator Council for the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada as an Advisor where I help youth across Canada with environmental projects.
Help Kyle Chandler's Daughter Stop Shark Finning!
507 days ago

Ellen, Sawyer Chandler and her classmates at school joined my high school just two weeks ago for a concert we ran to celebrate sharks. Rob Stewart of Sharkwater was the keynote speaker and Sawyer got to ask her questions to him directly via Skype (along with her fellow students' questions). It was the coolest experience ever! We hope that one day Sawyer and Rob Stewart could maybe be on your show together. She has never met him and we would love to see this happen. It would be like closing the circle and would no doubt serve to inspire so many more youth to get engaged on helping the environment as many young people watch your show.

An article was posted to our website recently about the event with Sawyer Chandler's school. You can see it here:

Sawyer, great work!! You are an inspiration to youth as you teach us no matter how young you are you can make a difference!

Mr. Knowlton