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Marjorie Perkins
Name Marjorie Perkins
Location Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Age 65
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Hobbies Music, live concerts, honest food, learning about our wonderful world and animals we share it with.
About Me At 40 I was struck with Multiple Sclerosis, limited to a wheelchair for 10 years and then I was given the gift of walking again, very slowly but walking! I believe in miracles and believe they happen all around us to average folks like me. We need to slow down so we can see what is important for us to be able to help one another on this "walk of life" we share.
Marjorie Perkins
What's in the Box? Hawaii!
88 days ago

Dear Ellen, First thing; I LOVE your show! I'm 65 and have dreamed of Hawaii for 40 years. My husband wanted to take me 35 years ago but it was my oldest son's dream as well and the husband said we couldn't manage the cost for the three of us. My decision was to give up the trip,if he couldn't go as well. Since then I happy to say my son has accomplished his dream to visit Hawaii. While it's still my dream I wouldn't care if the trip consisted of a small cottage near the beach, a moped and two meals a day, I'd be thrilled! That's what some age will do for you, help you see what's really important about things. Seeing, smelling and feeling the beauty is what the dream is. Also I'd like to thank you for helping and making so many peoples dreams come true while sharing your joy of life with your viewers. Thank you for the opportunity to share my dream. Marjie
PS I love to watch you dance!