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Exclusive! Ellen Hugs an Adorable Little Girl Backstage
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ive told you my sons story already. I'm not good wit Maybe you didn't get it. It would make my son so happy to receive a signed picture from you for Xmas. He was injured as a passenger in an auto accident 10-24-10 - c-4 spinal cord fracture paralyzing him from the shoulders down. Every day is a challenge for him. He is amazing always smiles and believes something good will result from his struggle. He watches you daily. You make him laugh and inspire him with your guests. To know that you are of aware of him and his story by sending him a picture saying hello would be an awesome Xmas present for him .. There isn t much I can give him because he really can t do much. Please please just a funny picture saying hi jimmy I know of you keep fighting and never give up would mean the world to him. He is 19 takes 3 local college classes and amazes me everyday with his happy spirit. I know he will walk again someday. Just a picture please please please xoxo Jim s mom