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Marisol Martinez
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Hobbies watching you. Dancing
About Me I am married to my childhod sweetheart for 30 yers now.Met in highschool have 3 beautiful boys ages 27,22,17. I am the youngest of 9 siblings. Take care of my mother in-law age 85 . She has dementia soon to be alzheimer. I myself have been on disability for about 7 years do to migrance. So its not easy. But I thank God ever day for another day. Watching your show makes me very happy. Love U
Marisol Martinez
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448 days ago

Hey Ellen
Love YOU!!!!! One of my favorite monment was swheb Dennis Quad went to star buck. Bringing up is golden globe . taking as a 3rd person asking for coffee at a set temperature & singing Day-o song from beattle juice by Harry Belafote.
to to funny.

Marisol Martinez
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448 days ago

Hey Ellen: Love you!!!!!
Boy how I wish I could go & see your show. I am a mother of 3 young men,age 27 22 & soon to be 17. About to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary May 21th. He is my childhood sweetheart we met in high school ,when I was only 16 Now I am 50. I have been on a medical disabilty do to migraine for 7 years a daily headache. The doctors dont give me any anwers, I have tryed ever medicine out there a treatment. But I never give up always try to keep a happy face for my kids& husbands. Because I have been out of work so long we are going threw some really hard times financially,But we are very happy to have each other & our beautiful boys God Bless. I also take care of my mother in-law Age 85. Not easy because she has dementia every soon to be alzheimer & since I myself are not healthy it is very hard for me. I pray alot to get the strength & patience to deal with her. So you see I could really use a break and seeing your show is what I truly need. Hope to someday to see you in person .
Love Hugges & Kisses
to all You ,Portia & Mom