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marisha du Plessis
Leah Remini, The Season 11 Premiere!
258 days ago

Hello this is the first time for me to go on a site and Wright something. Here it goes. We live in South Africa. Not so primitive as everyone my think because we love watching Ellen! We dont need to climb in a tree to get tv signal. Thank goodness for that.

I love the humored of the show. My husband watches it with me and our 6 week old baby. Dont think it is really what a farmer will watch. Even my watch as they only do rugby an lots of man things! But he does not miss a show.

He will not say it but I thing he will love to come and see you live. Give up a few days of standing in the sun. He works so hard looking after us. Farming in South Africa is not easy. Long hours and in the rain and heat, and all the things going on with our government. So your show is great to relax and turn off all the problems of the day and of the days to come.

We might not ever reach USA to watch you. But we have t.v

thanks for the show and keep on giving! Our world needs a bit of giving and loving.

God bless.

Love out of Tulbagh South Africa

marisha du plessis