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marion jiles
Name marion jiles
Location buffalo , new york
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Hobbies movies,shopping,cleaning my apt,learning how tokeep house plants alive,traveling when possible
About Me IM 54 African American woman single.iwas married at young age and my husband and I parted but never divorced. HE then died.i was engaged and my fiancĂ© who I had taken care of until his death of colon cancer. The best mnan I ever knew.HE PAST AWAY 2007.MY FATHER CAME TO LIVE WITH ME AND HE ALSO DIED FROM COMPLICATION OF DIABETES JUST 2IN A HALF YEAR AGO.Now im trying to get my life on track it seems as if I have been hit with lots of bricks in my life.i have four grandchildren 2 adult daughters and my mother is still living but in nursing home with dementia and another disorder.But god is still been good to me.this is the first time ive ever did any thing like this so excuse the thank you ellen
marion jiles
Message from Ellen -- Week of September 21-25
422 days ago

hey ellen, cant wait to see your show.Today is 5/20/1958 and ive never won anything .But I guess everyone says alone for my birthday.But I cant wait for your show to come on and im going to dance my ass off. KEEP KEEPIN IT REAL. Love ya

marion jiles
Bedding for Your Ho
434 days ago

Ellen, how I love your show.I love you. im a 54 year old woman from cold buffalo.My cousin and I talk on the phone everyday and when your show comes on she says.'GOTTA GO MY GIRL ELLEN IS ON BYE'.I laugh then we get down to the music with birthday is MAY 20 would my cousin and I love to meet you and get the may giveaway. LOVE YOU ELLEN .KEEP KEEPIN IT REAL. MARION.