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Marion Dopak
Name Marion Dopak
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Hobbies Cooking & Baking & playing scrabble.
About Me I live in the Chicagoland area and work part time. I have two cats (Pickles & Cutie). My two daughters (Sharon & Michelle) are grown up and moved away. I have loved watching your show everyday for the last 10 years. Thank you. Marion
Marion Dopak
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
227 days ago

This story is about a VERY KIND person who happens to be my daughter. She moved out to L.A. recently to work at Whole Foods and she always is so very kind and helpful to everyone but today she told me about an incident which I think goes above and beyond a helpful situation. A young woman came into Whole Foods and asked how to get to the airport because she is from Australia and my daughter said "I can take you there". Actually they started to talk and the girl said I have to hang out at the airport because my flight doesn't leave for awhile. Well, my daughter said she can take her for a tour of the city so she can have a nice visit while in L.A. because she knows how it is to be in a new city and alone. Anyway, I just looked on my daughters facebook account and the girl responded with much thanks for such hospitable kindness from Michelle. Also, my daughter Michelle just adopted a little dog from a shelter and wanted to save all the dogs but of course that's sort of impossible but I think she's going back there today to adopt another one so her little "Nugget" can have a friend to be with while she is at work. Actually the two cats I have now are ones she saved many years ago. I just wanted to tell you about this act of kindness and yet I really could tell you many more things about her wonderful kindness to so many people. Maybe you can give her a call and just say how nice it is that people follow your good advice about "be kind to one another", because she sure does!
Marion from Chicago