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Name Marion
Location Chesapeake, Virginia
Age 63
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About Me I am a disabled grandmother of 13. I've taken in my grand-daughter who is now 16. She's been with me for 3 years now. Other then that my life is boring.
Quote of the Day: Kindness Week, Day 3
531 days ago

My goodness. I share a birthday with Ellen and I never even get a phone call from Ellen. Wow this couple is so lucky. She's been through so much and they deserve it. Thank-you Ellen for being you. An Aquarian...Love You Ellen. Marion Sandhoff

Message from Ellen
567 days ago

I love your show and can't wait until it comes on every day. You're always concerned about every one but what about you? How's your Mom doing? You don't mention her much anymore. All of your viewers would like to hear about you and your family too. All our love to you and your's. Our birthday is almost here. I'm glad we share our's together.. Love you Ellen, Marion

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571 days ago

Ellen we all love you...Even if we don't win anything. Even if we share the same birthday...Only thing is, I'm a little older older then you. That's a lie, I'm a lot older. I'm old enough to be your Mom. But we do share the same birthday..JANUARY 26TH.. Love you, Marion

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589 days ago

2010 I went through 2 back surgeries. At that time I had to step up and take in my 14 year old grand-daughter. Then I was forced to retire from a job I had for 21 years. 2011 brought another back surgery and the pain is still there. I've been forced to apply for social security disability. Here it is 2012, I'm still in pain and my grand-daughter is now 16 and still living with me. I can sit here and list all my struggles but the pain these people in Conn. are going through outweighs any struggles I'm having. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this time and I'm sure Ellen's is also.

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593 days ago

Merry Christmas to you Ellen and Portia. I don't know what to say that everyone else hasn't already said. Being able to watch you every day and feeling the love is a win for me. I know everyone feels the same but people sometimes get lost in themselves. What I'd like to see in these last days of gifts is more showing from the N.J. area. No I don't live there anymore but I know he pain they're still going through. How can people think of themselves when they know about these people suffering? We love you Ellen. You are the greatest. Have a Merry Merry Christmas.

Message from Ellen
595 days ago

I guess since I do not know how to tweet I have no chance to win anything. But I still love Ellen. Good luck everyone else.....

Relief for Sandy
623 days ago

My name is Marion and I'm from New Jersey. My family all live at the shore. It's a shame what's still going on up there. I'm living in Va. but it all hits my heart down here. My nephew, his wife, and 3 small children had to leave Seaside when this all happened. The kids are 6,7, and 8. The girls are 7&8 and the boy is 6. They have nothing. My daughter lives in a 2 bedroom trailor but she took them in when a man at one of the shelters tried to grab one of the girls.I am disabled so I can't help them. I know someone out there can help this family please. Clothes, toys you don't play with anymore. They have nothing. Thank-you all for your kindness.