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marinie davis
Name marinie davis
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Hobbies husband,kids, painting, animals,walking, bike riding and the Bible
About Me i am a mother of 4 beautiful kids and wife of 17 great and not so great years. tight family and very social. love animals, outdoors, God, and spending time with friends and family. funny, i guess or just goofy that makes people laugh. coordinated, but a klutz. love music!!!!! love to dance and love to laugh! love corny jokes and seeing the smiles on people's faces
marinie davis
Clumsy Thumbsy: Decorating with Owls
521 days ago

can't wait to see dennis quaid!!!! he is such a sport and a cute one at that! it hilarious watching the videos. i play it over and over and make my kids watch them too. my teenager is tired of me bugging him with these and cute pictures of dogs, don't understand.... just because he is 15, he better know that i will always beg him! in a good way. marnie davis, can't wait until tomorrow!

marinie davis
You Write, Ellen Responds!
540 days ago

dear ellen, i have rehearsed this letter a million times in my head for the last 4 years. but, i know how many people are suffering in so many ways and did not feel i deserved help more than others, until now! my name is marnie davis and i live in orlando, florida. i have been married 17 years to bill davis and we have four children, ben, 15; max, 13; henry, 12; and my dsughter, langley, 10. oh yes, and a very overweight black pug named roger! he seems to play on my heartstrings for treats and i always give in to that pitiful look he gives me.

over the last 5-6 years my family has been struggling financially,with food stamps, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and a move to orlando from georgia for a job for bill, thank God! however, we have so many bills from georgia and subcontractors owed, and day to day expenses, that we cannot seem to catch up. oh yeah, i had to even leave my 2 oranda goldfish, that i would pet daily, if you can believe that?? crazy but true!

to see my husband struggling with it all breaks my heart and to not be able to buy my children simple things like a slushee or mcDonalds is even more disheartening. heck, i need a new blow dryer, the button is taped to stay on, kind of sad. most importantly things like getting the kids to the dentist, dog care expenses, and much more are not happening because of our financial situation.

bill started his own business in residential building in 2005 and did very well; but with the crash of the market things began to go awry. banks promised many things and he took smaller jobs to compensate, however, it was not enough! he had to keep his family alive and we really started racking up bills and more bills going unpaid. moving a family of 6 was quite expensive and we could not have done it with the help from both wonderful friends and family. they have helped us so much, but life is not easy for them either and they have helped out as much as they can! the guilt you incur becomes too much to handle when you are unable to pay it back to them or pay it forward for others in our same position.

i have very strong faith in God and i am thankful that we are all still together and growing stronger as a family, but i would like to be able to get out from under these burdens and be able to provide my kids with a treat every once in a while!

you are an amazing lady and i have so much respect for you. your gracious heart is very rare in the world today! even if nothing comes from this letter, i am ok with knowing you will continue to help people as much as you can. you definitely bring a smile to my face and laughter to my soul when watching you! i have to admit, i can't see your show every day, usually doing a bit of homework with the kids or taking them from here to there. just yesterday, i painted 40 styrofoam balls for a dna assignment for one of them. i won't mention their name for lack of embarrassing them!!

thanks for taking the time to read the mail you recieve!!

God bless you ellen,
smiles are awesome and you continue to do that for so many!

marnie davis

ps. i read a letter sent to you requesting help with getting her family to disney.... tell her she can stay with us! that is if they aren't criminals!!!! might prove to be a bit scary, ha! ha!