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Marilyn Sandman
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Hobbies take care of my husband, gardening, gambling
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Marilyn Sandman
It's a 12 Days Bonus Day!
212 days ago

Hi Ellen! You are the funniest lady in the business. I've been a fan of yours since long before you had your show. You and I are alot alike. We both enjoy giving to others. My husband and myself are now both receiving SS disability so due to a lack of money we did buy presents this year. I have two adult boys and a husband with Parkinson's who needs 24 hour care. My family said they don't need gifts, but I feel that I let them down. Have a great new year, Ellen.

Marilyn Sandman
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458 days ago

About a year ago you were giving away cars. Are you still doing that? I can no longer work, my husband and I are on SSI Disability (he has Parkinson's) and we desparately need a car or truck. Can you e-mail me back and let me know the procedure if you still do that. Love your show, Ellen! Thank you, Marilyn Sandman, 62, Bullhead City, Az