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Marilyn Lara Puccio
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Ellen! I MUST meet Hélène Campbell! She is my hero and beyond inspirational. I wept when I first saw her and more so when she danced on your show triumphantly! I was at home jumping for joy! You see, Ellen, I am a 4-time living-related organ recipient. My 4 kidney transplants are from family members who are angels on earth! I became ill at 11 years of age and like Hélène, was sick into my 20s and beyond. I am 42 today, super alive and the healthiest I have ever been! My 4 donors, including my 79-year-old Dad are doing great!

Like Hélène, my mother suffered with and ultimately passed from complications of lung disease and breast cancer treatment, which left her debilitated and childlike at the end. She did not live long enough to even qualify for a transplant. Illness is an ugly intruder, but words like resilience, recovery, remission and rebound shut the door in its face and create super humans! I miss my mom dearly, but she left me her strength and I carry it proudly!

I admire Hélène! As a teenager I had once hoped to do something similar to what she is doing with her organization. A series of unfortunate, consecutive life events toppled my dreams. But I feel like I’m seeing a replay of my wishes through Hélène. Her infectious spirit jumped at me through your show. And only someone who truly knows the depths of organ failure and recovery can understand the blinding height of her joy. I’m a devout member of the church of Faith and Science; the beautiful union that produces people like Hélène and me and countless others. We are miracles! Please, please, please, Ellen. If I never meet her, then tell her our shared road is different from healthy people, but no less covered in dazzling yellow bricks beyond the rainbow! I love her!!

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