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Marilyn Carter
Name Marilyn Carter
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Hobbies horses,collecting breyer horses,camping and watching Ellen
About Me I have had at least 4 surgeries in the last 2 years and cannot work, I love my family and friends,I am always finding cats on the side of the road and finding them homes,I have 7 cats of my own,which are spayed and nutered,3 are strays that i have been trying to find a home.
Marilyn Carter
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229 days ago

Merry Christmas,and have a wonderful your show

Marilyn Carter
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230 days ago

sorry to say,but I was very curious as to how close he was going to get to your stye,,then saved by the bell,needless to say the look on both your faces,made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pant,,hope you and Tom Hanks have a Merry Christmas and thanks for making us smile