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Marie Torres
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About Me I'm a 57 yr. old woman with 4 children ages 16 - 35. I've worked most of my life and was in an auto accident and hurt my back badly had 4 operations with lots of hardware in my back and fell on my right leg and now I have a plate in there too. So I had to stop working and now living on SS Disability. Its very hard when you had everything good and all not a sudden it just goes down hill. My husband decided to walk out on me the day I fell and hurt my leg which I had to have emergency surgery. So when I was in surgery he was home packing and when my children got home that day he was gone, at the same time he took me off his insurance and I didn't have insurance for 1-1/2 yrs., which I had to pay out of pocket for all doctors appointments and all my meds., but the only good news is that in Jan. 2014 I will have Insurance, and now he filed for divorce so I'm trying to get free help so I can fight for spousal support. Till this day I don't know why he left. What gets me through my day is waiting for your show to come on. Ellen your are the best medicine any one can take and I thank you for that. God Bless you.
Marie Torres
Ellen on Paul Walker
214 days ago

We are going to miss one of the good ones that cared about others before it came to himself. He rather give to others than take for himself. God Bless HIM we will truly miss him. THERE IS A GREAT ANGEL THAT JUST JOINED ALL ABOVE. WE LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU DEARLY . May there be peace with your daughter and your family always.